After being a long time lurker on Reddit, we recently joined – mostly to share Cities Skylines screenshots for feedback and follow along with the San Diego Padres. But low and behold after about a month we found a robust game design community on Reddit /tabletopgamedesign!

It’s a great community of game designers sharing questions for feedback or showing off sweet designs. An amazing place to get valuable feedback from game enthusiasts to perfect a game.

The first post we did was for card feedback. We posted several images of cards and asked for feedback on the design.

And we’re happy to say we got some excellent feedback and constructive criticism. And most everyone seemed to love the card design to boot!

We then catalogued all of the card design feedback into a Google Sheet, tallied up duplicate recommendations, and then made a quick note on if it was worth pursuing or not. Then we sorted by the tallied feedback and voila, a prioritized list of things to implement!

We then categorized each of the feedback line items on whether our team is able to do it (things like, switch a font to italics), or if we need to reach back out to our designer. We then broke the tasks out into 4 phases, heavily focused on the duplicate recommendations in phase 1, along with some easy quality of life recommendations.

We’re looking forward to working through phase 1 on this list and then providing before and after update!

UPDATE (11.19.22): The new template designs are here:

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