Our newly released version 1.8 is out and being playtested, and we will share the results soon. The changes made are minor, but can have a big impact on the game.

  1. Previously, attack and wound values on a card were worth equal points. In the new version, wound values are slightly less points. The reasoning comes into play when you consider armor, that absorbs damage: a 2 attack, 1 wound, 1 armor unit would win vs a 1 attack, 2 wound, 1 armor unit.
  2. Cards that provide free actions that can play a unit are 5 points more expensive.
  3. Various other small point adjustments based on impact in earlier playtesting.
  4. Changed a card that was “deal 2 damage” to “destroy target unit” – and adjusted point costs to reflect the change. This was to help address player feedback of a perceived lack of options to take out powerful units.
  5. Changes to additional attack actions
    • Previously you could spend 1 turn action to gain 1 attack action
    • Now you can spend 1 turn action to put X cards into your graveyard, and gain attack actions equal to X
    • Initial results show this to be a little pricey for the gain, may quickly pivot to put 1 card in graveyard, gain attack actions equal to 1/10th the point cost of the card, rounded up.
  6. Simplified keywords
    • Lots of simplification to terms in the game to streamline and prevent confusion
    • For example, a card used to be able to do damage to a unit which armor blocked, but cards could also do wounds which bypassed armor
    • Now everything is damage, and some cards have an Armor Piercing (x) ability that will bypass (x) armor

New Cards

We also released two new cards in this version!

The Mortar adds a more affordable artillery card to the game, which is both hard to attack due to the support keyword, and can add 1 power to any combat matchup. While artillery like Mortar can add to combat power, Duarus’ Guidance enables any ranged unit to add to combat power. This ability can surprise your opponent and turn the tables on any combat matchup in an instant!


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