Bucking the trends of over-produced (expensive) games released on Kickstarter, we’re focused on bringing Helorian Battles to the market affordably. While this can make launching a Kickstarter more challenging since you need more people to buy at a lower price, it’s what we’ve envisioned since day one.

A lot of this is built off the nostalgia of that first Magic The Gathering starter deck purchased back in the mid-90’s. Affordable enough for a kid to buy and play, and exciting to open! What sucked back then was having to buy countless booster packs to grow the collection, which Is why we’ve moved to an “Expandable card game” with set expansions.

All that said, we’re excited to share with you our first Tuck Box packaging design! This simple box will hold the cards and instruction booklet, and keep the game at an affordable price for everyone to play!

Note: Text is not finalized

What To Include On Game Packaging

When creating game packaging design, here is what is important to include

  1. Game Logo/Name, prominently displayed
  2. UPC
  3. Copyright & TM
    1. If registered trademark, include ® else use TM
  4. Company Address
  5. Publisher Logo/Name
  6. Set Icon/Name (if multiple sets)
  7. Description of product and what is included


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