Helorian Battles

Helorian Battles is a points-based deck building expandable card game where two-players battle good vs. evil, or just for territory, in Heloria.

Points Based Deck Building – instead of traditional deck building mechanics, in Helorian Battles, players agree to a deck point size before playing the game. Players then build their decks not to exceed that point total.

Gameplay – Helorian Battles utilizes an action economy where you can play your best card on turn 1. With your limited actions, do you deploy troops, buff defenses, attack the enemy, or expand your territory.

A player can expand territory to get more cards per turn and increase their health, but this can leave you open to attack.

About Us

Squeezymon Games was founded in 2020 by Joe Nascenzi. The company name comes courtesy of his wife who for some reason owned this domain.

The company focuses on creating points-based fantasy deck building card games.

The games are heavily influenced by Warhammer Fantasy, Magic the Gathering, Android Netrunner, and other deckbuilding/strategy games.

The company is currently designing their first game, Helorian Battles. You can follow along with the game development on our blog. While mostly just a fun hobby, Squeezymon Games has dreams to one day launch a Kickstarter to share the game with the world.

Any comments/questions, you can reach us at SqueezymonGames@gmail.com

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Development Blog

Follow along Squeezymon Games as they design Helorian Battles!