Back in July we posted about how we incorporated feedback from Reddit into our card designs:

Today we’re excited to announce our new card designs!

Special Card Template

First up is the special card template. We updated the fonts, added in a card type, clarified some of the language, added in the expansion symbol & added a copyright.

Unit Template

Next up is the unit template. All changes above are incorporated plus we increased the armor size, and updated the attack/defense design and color.

Land & General Template

The general template is brand new, it previously used the special card template. The new template takes queues from the land template in terms of design. Aside from the new template, all changes here match the special template.

One unforeseen consequence of the new general template is that all artwork had to be redone, because the card title cut into the head of the general. That unfortunately delayed getting these new templates finalized by 2 weeks.

But we are happy to announce that just this morning we submitted our second print run, 10 copies! That’s 1,630 cards, plus our first packaging boxes, plus rule books! We’ll be using these copies to hand out for increased playtesting.

And lastly, thanks again to everyone on Reddit who provided card feedback. We love these new designs and wouldn’t have gotten here without your help!

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Card Design - Reddit Feedback - Squeezymon Games · November 19, 2022 at 3:16 pm

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