The team has concluded testing of version 1.76 and ready to move onto the next iteration. But before talking about the next iteration, let’s talk about the stats we tracked for our 1.76 testing.

It’s one thing to playtest and make sure people are having fun, it’s another to focus on analytical data and make decisions off of that. Here are the stats we tracked this time around:

The Stats

  • Point Spread: Health difference the two players have at the end of a game
  • Reshuffle: Percent of time each type of deck reshuffle was completed, if any (none, free, paid)
  • One Sided: % of games we decided were one sided
  • Comeback: % of games where a player made a comeback
  • Lead Changes: Number of times the player with the most health changes
  • Game Time: How long did it take to complete the game
  • Good/Bad: A simple binary ranking if we considered the game fun (good) or not


  • Point Spread: 11.3
  • Reshuffle
    • None: 20%
    • Free: 55%
    • Paid: 25%
  • One Sided: 40%
  • Comeback: 40%
  • Lead Changes: 1.7
  • Game Time: 34 min (26 min when excluding games with first time players)
  • Good/Bad: 80% good

Result Commentary

  • The point spread is right about where we want it, which is in the 10-12 range
  • We will play around with the % paid reshuffle by adjusting the cost to reshuffle to figure out what is best
  • Would like to see that lead change move up closer to 2
  • Average game time is on the long side, want to bring that down closer to 20 minutes

We’ve also made some adjustments to cards, making some additional minor point adjustments and changes/simplifications to card text. We’ll also be testing a new “destroy target unit” card.

New Rules To Test

Version 1.8 will focus on reducing the game time and maintaining or improving other metrics. Will be testing the following:

  • Allow player to discard multiple cards to gain multiple attack actions, instead of just one
  • Adjust the deck construction rules to lower or remove the minimum card requirement to shrink deck sizes

Other potential rules to test (maybe in a future version):

  • Ranged units protected when non-ranged units are present
  • Adjust the health cost of paid reshuffles


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