Still quarantined at home certainly has made it difficult to get a lot of meaningful work done on this game. However, thanks to recently learning about, and installing, Tabletop Simulator – I’ve been able to get a deck of cards online to play against opponents that aren’t just myself, which has been a tremendous help!

As mentioned in Combat Mechanics – Part 1, we’ve been toying with a regiment system – where units can be stacked together (up to 3 max) to increase their overall attack and defense. The regiment lined up directly across from an opponents regiment and the two were basically locked into a battle where they could only attack/defend against each other. No surprises, this ended up creating a very snowball-y affect where once one person started getting an edge on attack & defense, they were virtually impossible to defeat.

So we’re testing out a few changes in regards to damage and regiments.

  1. There are no set regiments. A lane has a group of units, and when an attack is ordered, the attacker can group his/her units into regiments as they see fit
  2. There is no max regiment size – if a lane has 10 units, they can be all grouped together, they can be separated into smaller regiments, or they can attack solo
  3. The attacker always does at least one damage. They do more if they have higher attack value than opponent defense, and other factors
  4. The attacker assigns the damage to the opponent
  5. The defender then does the same

There are a lot of minor iterations to be made here to see if this works. Does it make sense for the attacker to always do at least one damage? Does it make sense for the defender to always do at least one damage? Etc.

Hopefully we’ll provide more regular updates over the coming weeks as we work through these mechanics!


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