The main tenet our game is built around is points-based deck construction, similar to wargames. Each deck has a max point value, and players need to construct their decks around it. It’s provided a host of unique challenges (read all about it here & here).

We’re also now experimenting with using those point values in game. The first card of which is “Fury of Duarus.”

Card version 1.7

Here, while the text is a little unwieldy, the card deals damage based on the point value of the card drawn.

So far this seems to have worked. It provides a fun “Christmas Randomness” to the game where you have the anticipation (or fear on the opposite end) of what card you will draw. Maybe you’ll do minimum 1 damage, maybe you’ll do 6. Either way you’re doing damage, so it’s a win.

It also provides some opportunity for players to adjust their deck ahead of playing the card. Something like “Look at top card of deck, either put it back or put in discard pile” could become a fun tactic to use in conjunction with this card.

It remains to be seen if we’ll incorporate more of these into our initial run depending on player feedback. It also could prove a future focal point for other card races like dwarfs, goblins, etc.


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